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adepressedstate's Journal

A Livejournal depression group
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
This is a place to talk about depression related topics whether it be advice or just to vent.

adepressedstate is a Livejournal depression community.
Depression is defined as an emotional condition characterized by feelings of hopelessness, inadequacy, etc.

This community is for people who suffer from depression. It's an open community, but please be supportive. Someone on the brink of suicide does not need your condescention and anyone who feels the need to criticize will be banned.

Community Warnings:
  • It's fine to promote your/other communities only if it's depression related. I will ban you if you break this rule.
  • If somebody's asking for tips on how to kill themself and you respond with ideas, I'll give you a warning and delete your comment- OR you may be banned. It really depends on the situation.
  • If somebody posts feeling suicidal and you respond with offers to help the person end their life, you will be banned.
  • Please refrain from using inappropriate user icons in the community (Please read LJ FAQ #107: Content that incites violence against an individual, race, ethnicity, or orientation, pornographic content, etc).
  • Please refrain from posting hate speech (racism, nazism, etc.) when posting in the community. We want to keep this a safe zone for everyone.
Comment policy is here.
Web-quizes and pictures: Depression related web-quizzes and surveys may only be posted behind an lj-cut. If it is not behind a cut or not on topic it may be deleted. Any 'triggering' written material should be put behind a clearly marked cut as well to give people the choice of whether they want to handle it or not. 'Triggering' pictures should not be posted. If you want to post pictures of yourself or something else depression-related, then please use an lj-cut.

Depression: 1-900-448-1111 (see also lifelinecommunication.com, Girls and Boys Town)
Suicide: 800-784-2433
Runaways: 800-231-6946
Rape: 800-656-HOPE
Child Abuse: 800-422-4453
Rape/Sex Abuse Hotline: 800-551-0008
There are also a few websites to help you find helplines and suicide-talk lines around the world:
www.twloha.com- To write love on her arms
Please utilize them if you or a friend are in need.

Current maintainers are[info]kristinthegr8 and[info]iruletheworld . Feel free to comment on the main page, our personal journals, or email us directly. If emailing, please email all the maintainers for a prompt respose.

We do care, and we understand what depression is all about because we have gone through or are dealing with struggles that you might be familiar with too.

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